Pricing and Fees

Peers must be directly connected to OGIX. Fees are invoiced annually effective the beginning of each calendar year, and pro-rated accordingly for peers connecting part way through the year. Applicable taxes are extra.

 The fees for the following services provided by OGIX are set as follows, effective March 19th, 2021: 

Recurring Fee (annually in advance and prorated as required)
Installation Fee
10 Gbps Port (sub 1 Gig Rate)
10 Gbps Port (sub 4Gig Rate)
10 Gbps Port
40 Gbps Port
100 Gbps Port
On-site Tech Support regular hours
As Available $150 per hour
On-site Tech Support after regular hours
As Available $300 per hour

** Please note that additional installation charges will be levied, at the discretion of OGIX, to recover the cost of high-cost optics where applicable.